Invest in Wholesale Boxes for Your Bath Bomb Business

Bath bombs are an amazing addition to a luxurious bath for anyone who wishes to unwind. This is why more and more consumers are looking for bath bomb wholesale suppliers. One of the most common problems that bath bomb wholesale suppliers encounter is improper packaging and storing of fizzy bombs.

Fizzy bombs, when exposed to air for too long, can lose their ability to fizz when put into water. This is because the two main ingredients, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, will start to fuse. So the ideal way to store bath bombs is by keeping them safe from exposure to air, and one way to do this is storing them in bath bomb wholesale boxes.

Benefits of Using Bath Bomb Wholesale Boxes

Many bath bomb wholesale suppliers use fizzy bomb boxes to store bath bombs securely in an aesthetically pleasing way. The boxes can come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The ideal bath bomb box is also sturdy and does not fold or bend easily.

There are many benefits of using bath bomb wholesale boxes, including but not limited to the following:

1. Affordable Bath Bomb Packaging

Since most bath bombs are circular in shape, wholesale suppliers need to find a way to keep them in one place without them rolling around. The best way to do this is to use wholesale boxes. The boxes vary in sizes and shapes, so bath bombs of different sizes can easily fit into them. Plus, buying them in bulk will get you discounts and lower shipping fee so you can have an affordable bath bomb packaging.

Using boxes to package the bombs for delivery is also more presentable than using plastic bags, and customers always love a well-put-together product with a nice finishing touch. Some customers may also be giving these bath bombs as a gift, so it will make their lives easier. 

2. Preservation of Bath Bomb Quality

As said before, when fizzy bombs are stored or displayed for too long, the longer it will take for the bomb to fizz out when finally placed in water. Customers would be deeply disappointed if they receive bath bombs that don’t fizz easily, so it’s paramount to preserve the fizzy bomb quality.

Wholesale boxes need to be airtight and 100% hole-free to keep your bath bombs fresh during shipping.

3. Labeling and Marketing

Having boxes to put the bath bombs in also allows you to spread the word about your business. A simple sticker placed on top of the box is enough to make buyers remember your business name and talk about it with their friends. Your buyers can even reuse the box, thus increasing the chances of brand retention.

There are tons of benefits of using fizzy bomb boxes that bath bomb wholesale suppliers can use to their advantage. Although boxes are relatively more expensive than plastic bags, investing in high quality, sturdy and affordable wholesale boxes will make things easier for you in the long run. 

Shipping your products nicely with affordable bath bomb packaging, make them presentable as a gift, spread the word about your business around, and keep your bath bombs fresh for longer all by using high-quality boxes.