Wholesale Drop Shipping

Who should you use this as your wholesale drop-ship or this might be the most important question you will ask when starting your new business venture. There have been many people who have tried to start a business and had unreliable drop shippers and this caused them to lose their business. Top-notch merchandise is probably the number one requirement for which you are going to determine your success drop shippers to fulfill their orders quickly and reliably will become invaluable to you going forward. The best type of distributor that you can find will probably be one that is local and financially secure. The worst type of situation you can have is to find a drop shipper and then have them cease doing business.

How can you make sure that this situation is going to work for you? The first thing to do is try and get feedback from other customers to see if they are having reliable service from this distributor. The next thing to do is to do a trial run and start small and see if your orders are filled on time and correctly. One of the common major issues that can slow a growing business is delays in shipping. This is one of the number one causes for dissatisfied customers. If you can buy directly from the manufacturer, especially a local manufacturer, this will help you greatly. Also the merchandise from manufactures can be hard to procure because they would like to sell in volume by lots sold.

A lot of research will be needed in order to find this type of manufacturer. Other manufacturers divvy up their product distribution networks with territories that can be assigned to different businesses. This also is a hindrance for somebody who is trying to do some drop-shipping so please verify with the manufacture their requirements is far as minimums go so that you can fulfill the requirements without any issues. You might have to join the club as a way of getting merchandise at a reasonable rate. This can be a fast and easy way to get started on the cheap. Go ahead and try this if your local buyers club has the type of merchandise that you would like to send out. This is only going to work if you're going to actually do the physical shipping yourself but it is a very good way to test the market.

​Other cash and carry outlets which were much more prominent years ago are still around and might be a viable option for you. Find out the terms and conditions of all of these suppliers and manufacturers especially what type of payments and date they will take. Some allow you to be on 30 days if you have already established good credit. It probably is good for you to go ahead and get secure yourself a merchant account and a PayPal account for payment as this is going to be the best way for you to manage your payments and is accepted by many distributors manufacturers and cashing carry outlets.