Why Do Bath Bombs React With Water?

We often hear people talking about bath bombs and see them in photos across the internet. They are even used by celebrities in their music videos! Don't worry though because there are ways to buy bath bombs cheap in stores or through wholesale. This leaves the only question being why do bath bombs react with water

Fizzy bombs actually have become the trendy new popular thing these days. Some even buy bath bombs cheap through wholesale and hoard these fancy colored bath balls just for them.

So Exactly Why Do Bath Bombs React With Water?

Fizzy bombs are made to dissolve when they are dropped into water. Similar to bubble baths, fizzy bombs are dropped into bathtubs filled with water and are used for a luxurious bathing experience. As it responds to the reaction and begins to dissolves, it gives off bright, fun colors swirling into the water. While this is happening the bath ball releases its fragrant and aromatic scent from the essential oils that are added during production.

Even when you buy bath bombs cheap, they will quickly dissolve in the water and mix together. This effect is also what's has made bath bombs popular. How does this happen?

The ingredients present in all fizzy bombs are sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium sulfate, and cornstarch. These components are the main contributors as to why bath bombs react with water in just a few minutes. As the bath bomb slowly dissolves in the water, the color and fragrance mix together and are released into the tub.

You can further enjoy your tantalizing bathing experience with fizzy bombs by using the remnants on your nose, cheeks, and hair as a body scrub. Aside from the fun bathing experience you get, bath bombs also cleanse your body and produce an aromatherapeutic environment.

Sea salt, which is one of the main ingredients of these fancy colored balls is responsible for the cleaning agent which deeply cleanses your skin. Combined with the essential oils present even when you buy bath bombs cheap, you are provided with skin and therapeutic care. 

If you want to be energized, fizzy bombs with citrus or mint oils work best. If you have a cold, suffer from sinusitis, or have a clogged nose, bathing with a bath bomb packed with eucalyptus oil is recommended.

If you want to feel refreshed, you can go with lemongrass and rosemary bath bombs. If you want to be relaxed, opt for bath bombs with rose or lavender ingredients. Fizzy bombs with grapeseed oil can also help with inflammation, while those with almond oil are best for moisturizing your skin. 

There are still so many other essential oils that fizzy bombs are mixed with to cleanse and moisturize your skin and provide you with aromatherapeutic properties. Choose the ones you prefer best, or you can have a go with each of them and figure out your favorite that way.

Fizzy Bombs Also Make Great Gifts ​

If you already love these fabulous fizzy bombs, then you should spread the love and share them with your family, friends, and loved ones. Make them feel relaxed and pampered the same way you have been pampered by these bombs.

Moms can also take advantage of the fancy colors it gives to attract their kids to bathing and not having to force them to go to the bath tub. The bath bomb filled tub can be a playground for kids too.

Buy bath bombs cheap and share them with your friends and family who have yet to try them.